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Towngate Theatre Pantomime 2023 Cinderella – Online Competition

All Radio Essex Competitions are in alinement with Radio Essex’s Competition Terms & Conditions.

Specific Rules


1.         Competition Start Date

1.1 The competition will open at 00:00 on 16/10/2023.

1.2 The competition will close at latest 12:30 midday on 27/10/2023.

1.3 Opening & Closing of competition can be stated on air to override these exact times.


2.            Mechanic

2.1 Listeners will be asked to enter via the website, Radioessex.com

2.2 There will be winners (5) chosen at random from the pool of people to be pulled to air during the workday period to claim their family ticket (4 People).

2.3 Winners must answer their phone & come to air to claim the ticket.

2.4 We reserve the right to select another entrant if you do not pick up our phone call after three attempts or if we determine the call to not of a high enough quality to broadcast.


3.         Prize

3.1 Prize is a family ticket to Towngate Theatre Pantomime 2023, which includes 4 people.

3.2 To claim the prize you must be able to send us proof of ID or details of a UK bank account (whichever is more suitable to the prize). Failure to do so can result in Radio Essex withdrawing the prize. Radio Essex reserve the right to do this.

3.3 Winners will be notified on the call & contacted by Radio Essex within 24 hours of first contact to discuss the next steps. Any concerns with your prize, you should contact info@radioessex.com or visit radioessex.com/claim-a-prize

3.4 You must also be in-line the prize giver’s T&C’s.

3.5 Winners can pick from any Off-Peak Performance, subject to availability from the timetable below.

3.6 Prize Provider wants to note that Tuesday the 5th of December at 5pm is the relaxed performance.

            4.         Entering

5.1 You must be over 18 at the time of entry to the competition. Any entry below the age of 18 will not count and you may be unable to claim the prize.

5.2 If you are an Exempt Individual (an employee, freelancer, contractor or in any way affiliated to Radio Essex or the Stockvale Group) you cannot enter. If you do enter, your entry will not count but may still be charged.

5.2 You are also exempt if you have an affiliation to the prize-giving company.


            5.         Other Terms & Conditions

6.1 You must also comply with the Radio Essex Competition Terms & Conditions to participate in this competition.

6.2 Radio Essex will act in line with the Radio Essex Competition Terms & Conditions & Motorfest Terms & Conditions.

6.3 Winners must also comply with Towngate Theatre T&C’s.



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