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Essex candidates for the upcoming General Election

All the candidates standing in the 18 Essex constituencies for the upcoming General Election.

Essex candidates for the upcoming General Election

Below are the candidates standing in the 18 Essex constituencies for the upcoming General Election.

All data is from https://democracyclub.org.uk.

Basildon and Billericay
Christopher David Bateman (British Democratic Party)
Stephen Conlay (Reform UK)
Stewart Goshawk (Green Party)
Alex Harrison (Labour Party)
Richard John Holden (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Dave Murray (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Edward Krishan Sainsbury (Liberal Democrats)

James Cleverly (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Kieron Anthony Franks (Liberal Democrats)
David Heather (Independent)
Richard Thomson (Reform UK)
Paul Thorogood (Green Party)
Matthew Wright (Labour Party)

Brentwood and Ongar
Gareth Barrett (Labour Party)
Alex Burghart (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Godfrey (Reform UK)
David John Kendall (Liberal Democrats)
RJ Learmouth (Green Party)
Robin Tilbrook (English Democrats)

Castle Point
Bob Chapman (Green Party)
Rebecca Harris (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mark Jonathan Maguire (Labour Party)
Keiron Anthony McGill (Reform UK)
James Willis (Liberal Democrats)

Vicky Ford (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Marie Goldman (Liberal Democrats)
Reza Hossain (Green Party)
Richard Hyland (Independent Network)
Darren Ingrouille (Reform UK)
Mark Stephen Kenlen (Workers Party of Britain)
Mark Citizen Lawrence (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Richard William Parry (Labour Party)
Kamla Sangha (Independent)

Matthew Bensilum (Liberal Democrats)
Nigel Farage (Reform UK)
Craig Jamieson (Climate Party)
Tony Mack (Independent)
Natasha Osben (Green Party)
Jovan Owusu-Nepaul (Labour Party)
Tasos Papanastasiou (Heritage Party)
Andrew Pemberton (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Giles Watling (Conservative and Unionist Party)

Pam Cox (Labour Party)
James Cracknell (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Martin Goss (Liberal Democrats)
Terence Longstaff (Reform UK)
James Rolfe (Climate Party)
Sara Nicola Ruth (Green Party)

Epping Forest
Rosalind Anne Doré (Labour Party)
Thomas Bartholomew Hall (Shared Ground)
Simon Alexander Heap (Green Party)
Neil Hudson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ed Pond (Independent)
Jon Whitehouse (Liberal Democrats)

Hannah Ellis (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Malcolm Featherstone (Reform UK)
Yasmin Gregory (Green Party)
Riad Mannan (Liberal Democrats)
Lois Jasmine Perry (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Christopher John Vince (Labour and Co-operative Party)

Harwich and North Essex
Andrew Lawrence Canessa (Green Party)
Mark Cole (Reform UK)
Alex Diner (Labour Party)
Bernard Jenkin (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Natalie Sommers (Liberal Democrats)

Simon Burwood (Liberal Democrats)
Isobel Jean Campbell Doubleday (Green Party)
Onike Gollo (Labour Party)
Pamela Kay Walford (Reform UK)
John Whittingdale (Conservative and Unionist Party)

North West Essex
Kemi Badenoch (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Erik Bonino (Independent)
Edward Gildea (Green Party)
Andrew David Green (Independent)
Niko Omilana (Independent)
Smita Rajesh (Liberal Democrats)
Grant StClair-Armstrong (Reform UK)
Issy Waite (Labour Party)

Rayleigh and Wickford
Mark Francois (Conservative and Unionist Party)
James Hedges (Labour Party)
Stewart Adrian Mott (Liberal Democrats)
Grant Robert Joseph Randall (Reform UK)
Chris Taylor (Green Party)

South Basildon and East Thurrock
Simon Breedon (Social Democratic Party)
Steven Robert Burnett (Independent)
Jack Ferguson (Labour Party)
Elizabeth Grant (Green Party)
James McMurdock (Reform UK)
Stephen Metcalfe (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Neil Speight (Independent)
Dave Thomas (Liberal Democrats)

Southend East and Rochford
Bayo Alaba (Labour Party)
James Joseph Allen (Liberal Democrats)
Lee John Clark (Confelicity)
Simon Cross (Green Party)
Gavin Haran (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Bianca Eleanor Isherwood (Heritage Party)
Les Lilly (Reform UK)

Southend West and Leigh
David Edmund Burton-Sampson (Labour Party)
Stephen Cummins (Liberal Democrats)
Tom Darwood (Independent)
Anna Firth (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Robert David John Francis (Independent)
Tilly Hogrebe (Green Party)
Lara Michelle Hurley (Heritage Party)
Peter Little (Reform UK)
James Miller (Confelicity)
Jason Pilley (Psychedelic Movement)

Michael Bukola (Liberal Democrats)
Jennifer Craft (Labour Party)
Jackie Doyle-Price (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Yousaff Khan (Workers Party of Britain)
Eugene McCarthy (Green Party)
Sophie Almina Preston-Hall (Reform UK)
Nimal Dr Raj (Independent)

James Abbott (Green Party)
Tim Blaxill (Reform UK)
Rumi Chowdhury (Labour Party)
Chelsey Jay (Independent)
Priti Patel (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ashley Thompson (Liberal Democrats)

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